Today on Kilmeade and Friends, Former Deputy Assistant To President George W. Bush and Principal with The 1600 Group, Brad Blakeman joined the show to discuss Donald Trump's presidency thus far, including the extent to which President Trump is behind at this point in his presidency compared to where President George W. Bush was. Blakeman said:

Hes behind in the sense of cabinet secretaries and getting the second tier, the management staff in place, not only in the bureaucracies but in the White House. A lot of that has to do with Congress throwing road blocks up and not giving the president the ability to get those people that he chooses on board to work. So it's a slow start, a lot of it is not their fault. There's is a learning curve with people who have not come to government before, but you've got to cut these guys a break. They've done a lot in a very short period of time and they've got a lot on their plate. There's a lot that needs to be done.

Brian Kilmeade also asked Blakeman if he believed there was a possibility of President George W. Bush meeting with President Trump, despite Trump's many negative comments about Bush 43 in the past. Blakeman responded: "I do, and the reason being is the president's club is a very fixed membership and they all have a bond that none of us could ever understand. And I think 43 would be receptive to a meeting with the president because he wants him to be successful for the country."

Listen to the full interview below: