"That's typical of him. He is so biased, so one sided, so opinionated, you do it either his way or the highway. He is just dead wrong. He has been wrong from the beginning abot the Middle East and I am not surprised he got this one wrong."

---Alan Dershowitz on CNN's Fareed Zakaria calling President Trump's appearance with Prime Minister Netanyahu 'Embarrassing 'Bizarre and Irresponsible'

Alan Dershowitz explained to Kilmeade & Friends about why he thinks President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be able to work well together unlike the relationship Netanyahu had with President Obama and how the media's coverage of President Trump's comments about being willing to accept a 1 state solution between Israel and Palestine are being taken out of context. Dershowitz also discussed the significance of the Mid-East alliance between Israel and some Arab nations against Iran and the dangers of the intelligence community going rogue and holding back intelligence from President Trump.

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