Sharyl Attkisson, Anchor of Sinclair's "Full Measure", New York Times Best Selling Author, and Emmy Award Winning Investigative Journalist joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss President Trump's claim that the media has under-reported terror attacks. Attkisson said:

I didn't investigate the list that they put out, but I think it's pretty hard to argue from a neutral stand point that there hasn't been a skewing of reporting on terrorist events in recent years from the media, even in the face of the obvious sometimes. Hesitating to call something a suspected terrorist attack such as in San Bernardino until they got the green light from the administration, which is something I argue we don't need, you don't need to government to tell you what terms you can use, you can use your own fact pattern and fact basis, so yeah I think he's got a point. But I haven't investigated all of the incidents or looked at the total picture of media coverage compared to the list they put out.

Listen to the full interview below and pre-order Sharyl's new book "The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote," out in June 2017.