"Remember a couple of weeks ago, three weeks ago, Putin made noises about upgrading and making even better Russia's nuclear arsenal and Trump as only Trump would do responded with a tweet saying if anyone wants a nuclear arms race come and get it. We will do it anywhere you want in the world and we will beat you. And suddenly the talk from Putin about nuclear arms stopped. Remember, Trump is an alpha male, he wants to get along with you but if you want to get a fight, you will get a fight. That didn't get much publicity but I thought it was very telling that even with Russia you push, you are going to get pushed back."

---Steve Forbes on Trump showing strength and not backing down from Putin

Steve Forbes, former two time GOP presidential candidate and Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about why he feels the House Republicans border adjustability tax plan will harm economic growth by costing consumers at least a trillion dollars over the next ten years. Forbes explained the plan would put a sales tax on companies who import goods which will lead to higher rates at the gas pump and other items such as iPads, automobiles, shoes, socks and everyday household appliances. One of the ways Forbes believes President-elect Trump can have a positive impact on the economy is by putting in tax cuts retroactive to January 1st.

Forbes also discussed China being our biggest economic threat and his hope that there will not be a trade war with Beijing, Trump standing up to Putin after the Russian President said he was going to upgrade Russia's nuclear arsenal and why it's a good thing for Trump's cabinet to have differing views from the President-elect.

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