"They're still in denial. Normally that doesn't last more than 12 hours, this time it has. They just can't believe it, they don't want to believe it and they want to somehow whine themselves out of this thing. Frankly, I think it's kind of entertaining, it's kind of fun to watch them squirm....I think there is going to be a wake-up call to all the whiners out there who lost the election and they are going to realize this is still America."

---Senator Inhofe on the democrats who are boycotting Donald Trump's presidential inauguration.

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about the growing number of democrats who will be boycotting President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration, a potential trade war with China, how Trump won him over after getting to know him and how his advisors have played an important role in changing Trump's mind on key issues such as NATO, how General Mattis getting a waiver shows both democrats and republicans realize the need to strengthen the military and why Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is the right choice to head the E.P.A.

Inhofe On How Trump won him over and how he is becoming more presidential every day

(Inhofe) He (Trump) wasn't my first choice. I had about 16 other republicans ahead of him, but once I got to know, once I went to the Trump Tower and listened to him ...and I think that the advisors he has around him and I have been at that table at the Trump Tower and these are all top people....he is going to have a few faux pas, he is going to say some things he shouldn't say but he is more presidential every day, give him a break and let's see what happens.

Inhofe on bipartisan support for General Mattis

(Inhofe) The fact that we have only given this waver twice now since 1950 and so I think that shows democrats and republicans alike realize that we have to change from what we have been doing, we have to get strong, we have to make these guys respect us, we have to rebuild our military.