"John Lewis is no question a national hero and he is a Civil Rights icon. What he did for decades to help push us a nation toward civil rights is one of those things we will always respect and will always look at and say that was a significant part of our history. But it does make me sad that he would then call Donald Trump illegitimate as a president when clearly he won more votes and more states."

---Senator Lankford on Rep John Lewis calling Trump's election illegitimate

Senator James Lankford (R-OK) called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss the ongoing investigation into the Russian hacking, Congressman John Lewis saying President Elect Trump is an illegitimate president, Democrats boycotting Trump's inauguration on Friday and whether anyone in the CIA or other members of the intelligence community are actively working to undermine Donald Trump.

Plus, Senator Lankford discussed his efforts to press the Obama Administration to get Turkey to release American Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was charged with "membership in an armed terrorist organization" linked to the failed coup in July.

Listen here:

Senator Lankford on democrats pushing the narrative that Russia influenced the election

(LANKFORD) Every time we ask anyone in the intelligence committee or community, they always come back and say there is no evidence any votes were changed, any tampering was done to any devices. This has become a long, painful journey of people saying maybe the Russians figured out some way to twist propaganda. (Democrats) are basically telling millions of Americans when they voted, you didn't vote for yourself, you didn't think for yourself, Putin thought for you, that's just insulting to those Americans.

Lankford on Democrats not showing up for Trump inauguration

(LANKFORD) It is bad for the country. President Obama has stepped up and said for the country to be able to respect each other and respect out democracy. Hillary Clinton has stepped up and said it is time to be able to lead and heal as a nation. We have contentious elections every 4 years, that's the nature of our democracy. In a representative republic, people step up, they vote for their leaders and at the end of it we all figure out how to pull it back together and do that. But I didn't find republicans boycotting President Obama's inauguration saying I disagree with him and his policies and even going back to Al Gore and President Bush, when so many of the democrats tried to de-legitimize President Bush and say he stole the election, they were still coming to the inauguration itself. This is about honoring the American people, their choices, who they choose and they chose Donald Trump.