"A Black president should really have an impact on American life and black life but I don't think it happened... Obama and his wife and his children are great people, they are very nice human beings but I don't know what to say about the president... and I don't know how being black has helped me or the black community, the fact that he is black. What change has he created for black people as a whole? What has he done to shake up the system? What risk has he taken to do something to make a difference?...What has he done?"

---Jim Brown on why he feels President Obama did not do enough to help the black community

Reunited with his former radio co-host, Brian sat down with NFL Legend Jim Brown to discuss why he is optimistic after his meeting with President Elect Donald Trump to discuss the problems facing Americans in the inner cities. Brown also spoke about blacks still searching for a cultural identity in America and the need for more athletes to come together to improve black culture.

Plus, Jim Brown expresses his disappointment that President Obama did not do enough to improve race relations in America.

Watch here:

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