"I think what we need to find out is have they complied with the elements of the deal. A lot of the things we complain about and I think rightfully so is we are concerned Iran is developing ballistic weapons... those actually weren't part of the deal, so actually that's one reason the deal wasn't a great deal... it was only really with regard to nuclear weapons but it ignored a lot of conventional belligerence and conventional development of weapons by Iran. So in some ways and I know you don't hear this often from people but I actually think we need another agreement with Iran and they need to be prodded into not trying to develop offensive conventional weapons besides or beyond nuclear weapons."

---Rand Paul on why we need another deal with Iran

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) called into Kilmeade & Friends to talk about Rex Tillerson being nominated by President Elect Donald Trump for Secretary of State. Paul said he does not know enough about Tillerson to make a decision at this time but wants to know his positon on the Iraq war, toppling Gadhafi in Libya and our efforts to topple Assad in Syria. Paul also said Tillerson's dealings with Russia as CEO of Exxon-Mobil should not disqualify him but he must have a clear eyed view of Russia and a realistic understanding of their place in the world. Paul also reiterated his stance on why he will still not vote for Ambassador John Bolton for Under-Secretary of State and what must be done to successfully repeal and replace Obamacare in order to make insurance affordable for all Americans.

Plus, Senator Paul explains why, despite not supporting the Iran Nuclear Deal, he believes we need another agreement that will prod the Iranian government from developing conventional weapons.

Listen here:

Rand Paul on if he will vote to approve Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State

(PAUL) I don't know enough yet to make a decision so I have said I am reserving judgment but I will ask him the same questions I would ask any of the people, do you agree with Donald Trump that the Iraq war turned out to be a strategic failure, that it made Iran stronger and more of a menace and now that Iraq is allied with Iran that there are things that did not help our national security. That maybe toppling Gaddafi in Libya has made us less safe and emboldened ISIS. That maybe trying to topple Assad currently in Syria may well be allowing ISIS to grow and expand. Yeah, those are the questions I will ask but I agree with Donald Trump on them, I just think he needs to have a Secretary of State and also an Under-Secretary of State that actually agrees with Donald Trump's worldview.

Rand Paul on why he will not vote to confirm Ambassador John Bolton as Under-Secretary of State

(PAUL) I will vote no and for the main reason is that he is an unrepentant supporter of the Iraq war and regime change. He supported regime change in Libya in Syria and Iraq. He also supported Israel using nuclear weapons on Iran and I think what happens is some people have this naive notion that if we get rid of the Iranian government, all of a sudden peace is going to break out and they are going to select Thomas Jefferson. Well that didn't happen in Libya, it didn't happen in Syria, it didn't happen in Iraq so I think there is some history in the Middle East you know what, regime change and believing all of a sudden they are going to embrace American democracy just may not be a concept that fits with the historical facts and I don't believe he gets any of that. He continues to advocate for regime change all throughout the Middle East and the Iraq war, he continues to be a defender of it.