“The tradition is the President Elect has to make up his mind, I am not trying to campaign for this position. I think once the nomination is made for whoever it’s going to be, they have to go through a Senate confirmation process and the tradition there is the nominee doesn’t speak until the time his or her hearing. I could tell you as a nominee in the past, that’s a very difficult process to go through because people are saying ridiculous things about you and you are inhibited from commenting on them but that’s the nature of the game, at least that’s the way its been so far and I think you just have to be prepared to do that.”

—Ambassador Bolton on being vetted for Secretary of State and what its like to be nominated for a presidential cabinet position

Ambassador John Bolton joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss meeting with President Elect Trump about being the next Secretary of State. Bolton explained how the meeting was very serious and the Trump persona you see on TV is not what you see when you meet with him. Bolton stressed the importance of removing the bureaucracy from the State Department in order to make it a better advocate for American interests around the world.

Plus, Bolton on what he calls the near hysterical reaction of some in media over Trump’s phone call with Taiwan’s president and how the President Elect will be making changes to our foreign policy.

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Bolton reacting to David Axelrod commenting that Trump speaking with Taiwan’s president shows he is unprepared on foreign policy

(BOLTON) It’s so condescending It is just unbelievable. I mean, thank God there is a person as smart as David Axelrod in the world to tell us how things ought to work. I think what Trump made clear during the election is he is going to make a lot of changes in foreign policy and that includes doing things differently in some respects than has been done before in diplomacy. I don’t think the world is trending in the right direction from the U.S. point of view.