"I think that might be a little bit premature. Obviously I wouldn't want to reveal too much from their meeting because there was a lot of getting to know you and see where General Petraeus might be able to be an asset, a team member, whether that's internally in the administration or whether it's on the outside."

----Jason Miller on if General Petraeus is up for Secretary of State

Jason Miller, Communications Director of President-elect Donald J. Trump's Transition Team, joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss the latest on who is being interviewed for cabinet positions, whether General Petraeus is a leading candidate for Secretary of State, if there is any internal fighting going on over Romney being considered by Trump for Secretary of State and Dr. Tom Price being tapped to be HHS Secretary and what his role will be in repealing Obamacare.

Plus, Miller on Jill Stein's recount efforts and Trump continuing to talk with President Obama post election.

Watch here:

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