Jason Miller, Communications Director of President-elect Donald J. Trump Transition Team, joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss Trump's administration picks thus far as well as possible picks in the near future. When asked what Governor Chris Christie's position on Trump's team will be, Miller said, "He's one of the Vice-Chairs so he's still one of the top 5 or 6 people that are involved with the transition team effort."

On adding members to Trump's administration:

We had the Vice President-elect in the building yesterday meeting with the President-elect. They went through a whole bunch of names, I think we're going to see some really, highly qualified folks coming forward pretty soon. And the thing that I was really excited about when I saw some of  the list of the names that they're putting together, it's not just political people, they're people who've been successful in business, people who've been successful in education, some really outside the box ideas and people coming in with a fresh idea, and that really goes to the President-elects vision of draining the swamp. Of coming in and doing some different things that  maybe the conventional norms might be too afraid to, but you know what he's not going to live by the political conventional norms.

On how Trump felt the day of the election as numbers came in:

The Trump I saw, I was with him for a good chunk of the night, obviously not the entire night. But I think when he received the news and he realized that he was going to become the next President of the United States, you could tell it was a moment where he needed to step up and he did exactly that. He was going to be viewed on the world stage in the way that very few people in our lifetime ever will and I think he rose to that challenge, and I think he'll do the same thing as President.

On Dr. Ben Carson supposedly turning down an offer to be in Trump's administration:

Miller: I would say on that one that, I wouldn't say that all doors are shut there.

Brian Kilmeade: We might be seeing him again? Maybe that was a premature announcement by Armstrong Williams?

Miller: I would say until we hear from the President-elect, until we hear from Dr. Carson, I wouldn't rule anything out. Obviously Dr. Carson was a huge ally for the President-elect on the campaign trail, and I can tell you when you get asked something by the president elect its tough to say no.

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