Rep Steve King: Republican Holdouts Need To Put Aside Their Ego & Vote For Trump

“The word that comes to mind is the word ego….is it their ego that stands in the way? In my job, several times a year I have swallow that ego and even though I might want to settle a score with somebody who has done me wrong, but I have to do that right thing for the people I represent and that is what this comes down to. When you walk into that voting booth and think, what does America become and analyze which direction this thing goes and you can only vote for one of two people with a clear conscience because the rest of it is throwing a vote away.”

—Rep King on republicans who still have still not endorsed Trump

Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss the latest on the presidential race, why he feels Trump will win Iowa, his belief that if Hillary wins there will be no further investigation into her e-mail server and the Clinton foundation and why it’s time for republicans to put their egos aside and do what’s best for the party and country.

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