Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor to Donald Trump, spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about why the campaign feels there is a clear path to victory despite the latest polls, repealing and replacing Obamacare being a top campaign priority why republicans who have been hesitant to support Trump will come around when they realize if Hillary becomes president, she will set back the Supreme Court for a generation.

Plus, Miller responds to Nicole Wallace saying Trump campaign surrogates are losing their minds and not acting like a campaign that will close out the election strong.

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Miller responding to Mark Halpern saying Trump doesn't have a path to 270 electoral votes and his only shot is the hidden vote not showing up in the polls.

(MILLER) Halpern gets closer to the pin than many in the main stream media so I like Mark. Here is what mark is discounting there, you look at poll after poll and Hillary is consistently stuck in the low maybe mid 40's on a good day. Everybody knows Hillary, everybody knows she is running for Obama's 3rd term, everybody knows the exact policies she want to push for and her 30 year failed record of leadership. These voters who are undecided or a bit on the fence are not going to break for Hillary Clinton as this race closes and we are seeing our internal tracking, we are seeing even what was one of the worst polls out there that came out the other day from ABC, even their tracking showed literally a 3 point jump last night. We are seeing movement on a daily basis all around the entire country and there is no way you can deny that Mr. Trump is the one who has the energy and enthusiasm in this race.

Miller responding to Nicole Wallace saying Trump doesn't have a path to victory and his surrogates are losing their minds and not acting like a campaign that will close strong.

(MILLER) Hopefully I don't sound too unhinged this morning. I would say look at Hillary Clinton's travel schedule for a good indication of where they think this race is. Hillary and Tim Kaine don't campaign together that often,. I frequently joke that I am not even sure if Kaine has her new e-mail account. But they did campaign together and where did they spend their entire day, in Pennsylvania. So if you are a Clinton supporter, if you're someone in the media who believes Hillary Clinton has this race put away, why would they be spending an entire day in Pennsylvania unless they are seeing the exact same things we are seeing in the data where the numbers are moving quick and the race is closing and the fact Mr. Trump is putting what is perceived to be a solidly blue state or at least for typical republican candidates, he is putting it in play. And so, you look at where Hillary is going on Friday, she will be in Iowa, again, that's another blue state where Mr. Trump is going to win, he will beat Hillary and they are trying to make a last minute push there and so you don't have to take it from me you can look at their own travel schedule to know the map, the way this entire race is coming together, its different from what it has been for previous campaigns. When I opened up our conversation talking about the movement, these crowds of 10, 20 thousand that we had in Tampa the other night, there is something undeniably big here with the energy and enthusiasm with this campaign and I think what it comes down to is people are just sick and tired with the nonsense that comes out of D.C. and they want someone to go in there and drain the swamp to go and shake it up. There is only one person who is going to do that and stop Obamacare and that's Donald Trump.