Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former Prime Minister of Denmark, Secretary General of NATO and author of The Will to Lead: America's Indispensable Role in the Global Fight for Freedom, called in to Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss America being the "world's policeman" in order to restore international law and order. In a piece he wrote for the Wall Street Journal, Rasmussen recalls a conversation he had with Vladimir Putin during a visit to Moscow in December 2009 in which he sensed that President Putin was challenging the world order that "the U.S. created so successfully after World War II." While Rasmussen has no vote in the upcoming presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, he believes "the next few years will determine the future world order and America's place in it; and in all probability, it will fall to the next US president to make the crucial decisions that will define that future."

Listen to the interview below: