Admiral James Stavridis (Ret): A Deadly Confrontation Is Coming With Iran, If Not Immediately Then After The Election

“The next step in this is going to be the need to use deadly force against the Iranians. I think it’s coming, it’s going to be a maritime confrontation and if it doesn’t happen immediately, I’ll bet you a dollar it’s going to be happening after the presidential election, whoever is elected.”

—Admiral Stavridis on why a deadly confrontation with Iran is coming sooner or later

Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO, joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss the latest on the growing hostilities between the U.S., Iran & Yemen and why the next step is to use deadly force against the Iranians. Plus, Stavridis explains why we need to confront Russia in the cyber world and be more than defensive by showing the Russians we will not be a piñata.

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