"I don't think there is much damage here at all so long as you have Donald Trump as the opponent. The issue is not whether Hilary Clinton is whatever people keep thinking she is because they are saying the same things because she has been on the stage for 40 years and everybody knows everything about Hillary Clinton. What they don't know and what they are learning is an awful lot about Donald Trump which is much more unacceptable. So people are left with choices, do they want the Hilary they know or the Donald Trump they are finding out about? My hunch is they don't want either."

---Hank Sheinkopf on if WikiLeaks has hurt Hillary and how the election comes down to the Hillary Clinton people know vs the Donald Trump they do not know.

Democrat strategist Hank Sheinkopf spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about the impact of second presidential debate, why republicans abandoning Trump may end up costing them the House in November and if WikiLeaks will cost Hillary the election.