"When I sat with Mr. Trump and he asked me if I thought he should release his taxes I told him absolutely not under any circumstances and I will tell you why. This is another media derived, liberal democrat standard that they have every candidate up to in modern times and it's not something the country requires, it's not something you must do as president. It's what the liberals, and the media controlled by liberals, want you to do so they can pick you apart by picking apart your returns. This is not required. I believe Mr. Trump is above that kind of reproach."

----Michael Caputo on why Donald Trump should not release his tax returns

Former adviser to Donald Trump, Michael Caputo, discussed with Kilmeade & Friends Corey Lewandowski apparently returning to Donald Trump's campaign, Trump's rising poll numbers and Hillary Clinton calling Trump supporters deplorable. Plus, Caputo explains why Donald Trump should not release his tax returns.

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