"It is fascinating to me that now all of a sudden the Washington Post and the New York Times, which I think are the most villainous papers in this country right now, are both saying today that the pneumonia moves the issue of her health from the fringe to the mainstream. Here is where they are wrong, it was the fringe, myself included I guess, who said this coughing is not just an allergy, there is something else. Now we know it was pneumonia so the Clinton people lied to their friends in the media even but instead of recognizing this they said 'oh, now it's really serious.' No, no, it was serious all along and those of us who said so at the time were not wrong, we were right. But still the main stream media cannot admit it was wrong, cannot admit it was lied to by Clinton. They are still covering up for her and that's why they can't be trusted."

---Michael Goodwin on the media's coverage of Hillary Clinton's health issues

NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss his latest article on the main stream media's bias coverage in favor of Hillary Clinton, the media refusing to acknowledge her health issues and why Clinton's comments calling Trump supports deplorable are exactly how the left feels about anyone who they don't agree with.

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