Kellyanne Conway: Building The Wall Is More Important To The Voters Than Deporting 11 Million Illegals

ďItís absolutely building the wall and here is why. That is the piece that people feel has not been done, we have fallen down on the job in this country, both left, right and center, in terms of securing the borders. Itís always, what does everybody promise? We are going to secure the borders, we are going to secure the borders and nobody ever gets it done. So a wall is something very easy for people to understand, its physical, its tactile, its visible. If you build the wall youíre actually putting boundaries.Ē

—-Kellyanne Conway on why building the wall is more important to voters than deporting 11 million illegals.

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway called Kilmeade & Friends to preview Donald Trumpís major immigration speech. Conway explained why building the wall is more important to the voters than deporting 11 million illegals. Kellyanne also weighed in on David Plouffe calling Trump a psychopath, Republican Meg Whitman coming out to support Hillary Clinton and Jesse Jackson praising Trump back in 1999 for his efforts to help the black community.

Listen here:

saying nice things about him and also saying thank you for giving us that nice office on Wall Street to make us part of the Wall Street community, he has walked that back today saying black voters have plenty to lose with Trump. But what are we to believe?

(CONWAY) I think youíre to believe the Jesse Jackson who was speaking through a non-political lens. The moment they put on their democrat political hats they put on a different tone. If everyone wants to bring up comments from the 80ís and 90ís, lets listen to Jesse Jackson, I think thatís a great comment to listen to. By the way, itís also a very common thing said about Donald Trump, how charitable he has been, how much he has lifted up women, people of color. I am in the Trump Tower as we speak, this building is filled with men and women and thousands, tens of thousands of employees over the years across the entire Trump organization Internationally and nationally by people of many different countries, from all walks of life, all races and ethnicities, certainly both genders. So what Jesse Jackson said there in a moment of candor, when he wasnít asked to do Hilary Clinton’s bidding, was an honest assessment of how he sees Donald Trump the businessman.

Conway on Republican Meg Whitman supporting Hillary Clinton along with Mitt Romney trashing Donald Trump

(Kilmeade) Are you surprised a republican like Meg Whitman, who was trying to be the senator from California, is not only anti-Trump but she is now pro-Hillary, having a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton?

(CONWAY) Itís incredibly disappointing, but more disappointing than surprising. Letís remember that Meg Whitman lost her own race by 12 points. She lost women handily, she lost Hispanics, she lost African Americans, and by the way, Donald Trump was not at the top of her ticket. So it tells you something that people who run as republicans but donít run as conservative republicans to show a contrast between her and her opponent at the time, Barbara Boxer as I recall, they lose. I just go back to Meg Whitman and Mitt Romney, they were at his forum in Sun valley a couple of months ago Brian and they spent all of Saturday afternoon trashing on Donald Trump and had they changed focus away from Donald Trump and onto he gaps in the FBIís lone wolf terrorism program they would have looked like geniuses because sadly enough that very night, after they trashed Trump all day, Omar Mateen, whoís dad supports Hillary Clinton, killed 49 innocent people in Orlando. So they had this opportunity to talk about how we can defeat radical Islamic terrorism and they are talking about Donald Trump.