Today on Kilmeade & Friends, Brian and Chris Stirewalt were discussing the latest on Hillary Clinton pleading ignorance when she said she had no idea how to wipe a server clean. This prompted Brian to compare Hillary Clinton saying she was just a grandmother who doesn't know anything about wiping a server to the classic Abbott & Costello scene from Buck Privates where Costello pretends not to know how to play craps.

Listen here:

(Kilmeade) Do you remember Abbott & Costello?

(Stirewalt) Of course

(Kilmeade) Do you remember when Abbott was trying to teach Costello how to gamble, play dice?

(Stirewalt) I didn't see that one

(Kilmeade) Well, Costello knows how to gamble but he had to pretend like he didn't know how to gamble. And he rolls the dice and he is like what you do grab the dice, shake them up and you roll them against the wall and see how you do. They put their money down, they roll it down and he goes oh, box cars. He knew all the lingo and they go wait a second do you know what you are talking about? This thing, BleachBit.

(Stirewalt) BleachBit

(Kilmeade) You mean as opposed to get a rag

(Stirewalt) Wipe it down

(Kilmeade) This is box cars. She is like, I don't even know how to do that. Multiple devices, all going at the same time, we have got to get rid of it, use the BleachBit! You can't be the out of touch grandmother worried about my yoga class and my daughter's wedding and at the same time have BleachBit.