"I am not happy about what happened to the DNC or to those other groups, it's not right and obviously I am not cheering for folk's to be stealing private information from American entities and I am not on board with whatever they did to steal this information. It's not good."

---Reince Preibus On WikiLeaks

Reince Priebus, Chairman, Republican National Committee, spoke with Kilmeade & Friends about why he is not happy with WikiLeaks hacking the DNC and other private entities and releasing their information to the public. Reince also gave a peak into what Donald Trump is like in private and why he feels if Trump shows the American people what he is like in private, he will be unstoppable.

Listen here:

Reince Priebus on the American people getting to know the private Donald Trump

(PRIEBUS) One of the things I hope the American people will see about him, in private, I have never, in all of the things we have talked about, all of the conversations and you know politics is stressful situations every day, I have never had a conversation with Donald Trump where I hung up the phone where I said what in the heck is going on with him, never. He has always been calm, he's been gracious and he's been personable even through very irritating and sometimes unfair things he has gone through and that's the Donald Trump we need to get out in front of the American people. This is not a situation where someone is trying to present someone that's not who he is, we are trying to present the Donald Trump that we know in private. Look at his kids, this is not an accident and so getting that person out there is the person that I think we need to get out there and if he does that I think he would be unstoppable.