EVP of Development & Acquisitions for The Trump Organization, Eric Trump, called into Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss the latest happenings surrounding the presidential election, including his father Donald Trump's recent trip to flood-ravaged Louisiana, the 15,000 new Clinton emails to be released, and the Clinton Foundation accepting foreign funds.

After an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night, Hillary Clinton made light of her email scandal. Responding to Clinton's remarks, Trump said:

"It is so disturbing. She's making a joke about national security by talking about her emails are boring... She was dealing with some of the most classified material that our government has and she was using an email server that was based out of a bathroom in her house." 

Responding to reports of emails showing a prince of Bahrain seeking access to Secretary Clinton and giving $32 million to the Clinton foundation:

"I've never seen this kind of corruption before. This political process and having a front row seat to it has opened my eyes. It's taught me an enormous amount. But the corruption in the political system in this country is unbelievable."

Responding to the idea that Hillary Clinton's lack of appearances shows she thinks she has won the election already:

"Honestly, I think the exact opposite. She goes to these communities... We saw in Wichita. I think the last public speech she gave was in Wichita with Warren Buffett. That day she had 200 people in the audience. Literally it was abysmal, there was no one in the room. That same day my father I believe was in Erie, PA where he had 15,000 or 17,000 people. The problem is she can't do what my father does because she doesn't get the crowds, no one wants to go see her. She's stale. She's not exciting."

Listen to the full interview below: