Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor of Donald J. Trump for President, joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss the current state of the presidential election for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Responding to Mike Morrell's op-ed in the New York Times which claims Donald Trump would be a "poor" or even "dangerous" Commander-in-Chief, Miller said, "We don't have to wonder what Hillary Clinton is going to be like if she was Commander-in-Chief, she owns the destabilization of the Middle East." Regarding who will be better for the country in terms of foreign relations Miller said, "Donald Trump is going to be tough, I think he's going to stand up to foreign powers and I think he's someone who quite frankly will make America great again and give us some respect on the world stage once again."

Miller on President Obama denying the $400 million given to Iran was ransom for American hostages:

What President Obama has done is put a price tag on every head of every American that is held hostage by a foreign power, by a foreign county, and this is a dangerous precedent. This is terrible and to send that type of money, $400 million, to the world's largest sponsor of state terrorism is unfathomable.

Miller on what Donald Trump is going to do to get back on track:

Donald Trump wants to win this election. I think Donald Trump knows what it takes to go in and win this election... And he has made it clear to everyone on the campaign team that he knows what he needs to do to win, he is doing that. We've had a really good few days on the campaign trail, we're going to have another good day today in Iowa and Wisconsin. He knows what he needs to do. Governor Pence is a great ally on the campaign trail and another asset to the team and we're just going to keep doing it.

Watch the full interview below: