Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of NYC and 2008 Presidential Candidate, called in to Kilmeade and Friends today to talk about Donald Trump's strategy moving forward. Mayor Giuliani, who recently had a conversation with Trump, told Brian Kilmeade:

I think Donald Trump understands that hes got to remain on the things that got him there, which is the lack of jobs in America, the unfair trade agreements that we have, the fact that Hillary Clinton wants to put coal miners out of work, bringing steel mills back, standing up to ISIS, not having a Press Secretary like Josh Earnest who bold-face lied yesterday when he said it wasn't ransom. I think he understands that all the fundamentals are out there for him to win. The only person that can really affect this election is Donald Trump.

Referring to Republicans who criticize Trump, Mayor Giuliani said:

I am really annoyed at the Republicans who attack him because Democrats don't do that. When the director of the FBI put out a report that condemned Hillary Clinton as a person who was careless, grossly negligent in handling national security information, what were the Democrats saying? Oh you know we have real pause supporting someone who couldn't pass an FBI background check. They all stick together and then we have all these people who the minute there's a problem their hand starts shaking, and they start getting nervous, and they start worrying about whether they're going to get reelected. And I'm starting to get like, hey they've a political party and we don't.

Responding to Trump declining to endorse John McCain:

My advice to Donald in private is the same as it is in public. Keep your eye on the ball and the ball is Hillary Clinton. It's not John McCain, or Kelly Ayotte, or Paul Ryan, or Mr. Khan and their family. What this is about, and this is a lot bigger than Donald Trump or me or you, it's about America and it's about whether we're going to change the corrupt government we have in Washington, and we have a corrupt government.

Responding to claims that Donald Trump asked about using nuclear weapons in a recent briefing:

There is no way that I wouldn't trust Donald Trump to be in charge of our national security... There would be no way he would ask that question, I believe that's a total lie made up in order to make him look bad.

Listen to the full interview below: