Today on Kilmeade and Friends, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton called in to discuss the $400 million dollar question… Was the money dropped off in Iran in January a ransom payment for four American hostages? To which Sen. Cotton said, “the money that they paid back in January was clearly a ransom for American hostages.”

Responding to John Kirby denying the money was a ransom payment Cotton said:

“John Kirby and John Kerry and Barack Obama and many other senior officials have been lying to the American people about the nuclear deal with Iran for months and months and months and they are lying once again. This is a ransom payment in which you had taken probably small unmarked bills, palletizing them, and flying them to Iran in the dead of night. It was a ransom payment then, it’s a ransom payment now, and the consequence is that more Americans are being held hostage.”

On why they used cash instead of wire transfer:

“They transferred cash specifically because they wanted to avoid any potential scrutiny and probably any paper trail. Who deals in cash? Who deals in such large amounts of cash? Drug runners, terrorists, money launderers. That’s the kind of people who deal in cash, and now the United States government is giving $400 million in cash to the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism, specifically so they can mislead the American people and mislead congress and continue to placate these ayatollahs for any demand they want.”

On why they were so urgent to get this deal done:

“Barack Obama fundamentally wants to change our alliance structure in the Middle East and he wants to largely disengage from that region. He has now said on the record Iran is a legitimate regional power that should be respected and have the kind of cold peace that they share in the Middle East with some of their adversaries and some of our allies.”