General Michael Flynn Sounds Off On Generals Allen and Dempsey, Khizr Khan

General Michael Flynn joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss recent comments made by Generals John Allen, Jack Keane, and Martin Dempsey regarding politics and the military, and Khizr Khan’s remarks on Donald Trump.

Flynn: When does somebody stop being an American citizen and caring about the future of our country? I saw Jack Keaneís comment and I would tell you that I feel obligated because of my service to this country and because of the experiences that I have, the relationships that I have, that I can continue to help this country in many ways.† What doesnít come out, there have been 26 former presidents who have served in our military.† For somebody to say Generals should just dry up and go away, I think that’s a disservice to all of us who served in various capacities.† Does a person who was a Gov to a state suddenly stop being a servant to this country in other ways? I heard Jack Keane’s thing about ‘They call him General’Öthatís because I worked my tail off to get to that level.† I still feel that I owe more to this country and from what I have seen and experienced and learned and what I have witnessed us go through certainly in the last 8 years and the dishonesty of Hillary Clinton, I feel obligated to continue to help this country go in a direction I believe†this country needs†to go and not the direction that we’re currently on right now.

Responding to Gen. Jack Keane saying American people’s confidence could erode in a non-partisan organization, Generals should not run for office, and we do not want leaders to look at the U.S. military as a partisan organization:

Flynn: I absolutely agree and I did that for the better part of 33 years and because of disagreements I am out. I understand that, and †I think it does a disservice to the intellect of those that are serving in the military and it speaks to the American public as though they are a bunch of dummies… My purpose right now is I donít see this country going in the right direction and I firmly believe that right now as it stands in this moment in history Donald Trump is absolutely the right leader to have going forward for this country to get us back on track that we need… I know Jack Keane and I know Marty Dempsey, but I disagree with them on this point completely.

Responding to†General John Allen speaking on behalf of Hillary Clinton at the DNC:

Flynn: I donít understand why he can stand there and support somebody like Hillary Clinton who the FBI director said lied to the American public… I felt that the country did not want another Clinton and another Bush more than a year ago, so I have been pretty consistent in what I have said and what I believe… I will not support somebody who I donít trust.

Kilmeade: Gen. Allen was told as a retired guy to run the effort against ISIS in that 65-member fake coalition and was so miserable he faded and then resigned. Hillary Clinton was out by then but this is still the administration whose policy she’s going to continue. How shocked are you that Gen. Allen would sign onto that?

Flynn: I am very shocked because the team that he was left with was the team that Hillary Clinton put in place inside of the†state department… What I witnessed was a failing strategy from day one and we have seen that in spades.

Responding to Donald Trump’s comments about fallen U.S. soldier Captain Humayun Khan and his family:

Flynn: What he should’ve done, honestly he should’ve just said ‘hey you know who killed that captain was probably an Al Qaeda or a member of Al Qaeda with an improvised explosive device’ and kind of moved off of it. The issues that are in play are vast, deep, and dangerous for this country and those are the issues that Donald Trump needs to stick to.