"Her accomplishments, the Russian reset button, look at what Russia has done, they have taken over Crimea, parts of Ukraine and they are threatening the Baltic's. You want to look at what was done in Libya, which is now an ISIS stronghold... Hillary Clinton has her hand in this pot of chaos and degrading security situation so why would we believe that anything is going to be different? I know that Bill Clinton is trying to put the lipstick on the pig but all you have to do is pick up the paper and see all the terrorists' attacks going on."

---Allen West on Bill Clinton touting Hillary's accomplishments as Secretary of State

Lt. Col. Allan West (Ret.) called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss day 2 of the Democrat National Convention, specifically, President Clinton's speech praising Hillary Clinton's accomplishments as Secretary of State, which he compared to putting lipstick on a pig because of all the instability in the Middle East and the failed Russian reset.

Plus, Col West also talked about Vice President Joe Biden pushing the narrative that the Russians don't want Hillary to be the next president. West feels Russia would be happy if Hillary Clinton won the presidency because Putin has made many advances under the Obama administration's Russian reset.

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