“You know what sent me over the edge? I used the transgendered bathroom. You know why? Because you walk in and it’s filthy. Why is it filthy? Because men are filthy. If you have boys and you are a man, you know that’s true, that’s why they have their own bathrooms so women aren’t subjected to their filth. I am looking at this and I am like, this stall is disgusting, women have to use it, is this progress, is this liberation? Can I say to my daughters, you are really free now, you’re emancipated, you get to use the same stall as a dude, or one of our furry cameramen or me? No that’s not progress, that’s medieval.”

—Tucker Carlson on why he is against transgendered bathrooms.

Tucker Carlson, Editor-In-Chief of The Daily Caller and co-host of Fox and Friends Weekend, joined Kilmeade & Friends in Philadelphia to discuss day one of the Democrat convention, why he feels Michele Obama’s speech was divisive Bernie Sanders urging his supporter to back Hilary Clinton and he Democrats blaming the Russians for leaking e-mails showing the DNC colluded against Sanders during the primaries.

Plus, Tucker explains why he was sent over the edge after using the transgendered bathroom at the DNC

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