"Look at who he (Trump) is running against and even though there are some republicans that are doubting Trump, once they really focus on the alternative, they will come home."

---Dan Quayle on anti-Trump republicans eventually coming around to support Donald Trump

Former Vice President under George H.W. Bush, Dan Quayle called into Kilmeade & Friends to give insight into what it was like after being named a vice presidential candidate under Bush 41 and his thoughts on Governor Mike Pence being named Donald Trump's VP and if they will be able to come together despite some policy differences. Quayle also explained why Trump can win without support from the GOP establishment and what Trump needs to say in his acceptance speech on Thursday night. Plus, former Vice President Quayle discusses his participation in the 27th Annual American Century Championship, which benefits Stowers Institute for medical research

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Quayle on whether Trump can win without the endorsements of Republicans Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, John Kasich and others.

(Quayle) They have to make their choices, they are big boys. They know the political game, they know the political sport and obviously from Trump's point of view and from my point of view, it would be better to have them on board.

(Kilmeade) You think he can win without them?

(Quayle) Oh sure. Trump is an anti-establishment candidate, he is himself, he is going to get independents, disenchanted democrats, he has a possibility to win this.