Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former Defense Intelligence Agency director under President Obama and author of new book The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Alliescalled into Kilmeade and Friends this morning after a night of terror in Nice, France. On the country's "Bastille Day", 84 people were killed after a terrorist drove a commercial truck through a crowd of people watching fireworks. Regarding the horrific event and recent events like it, Gen. Flynn said:

The cadence of the attacks has increased rapidly in probably the last 6 months if not the last 30-45 days that we've seen around the world, and again they're in a stage of execution of a campaign plan that has been in play for a long time... This is not only inspired, this is directed. And they will find when they dig into the forensics of this guy, in all the communications and all the things that we typically find out after the fact, that there is a network behind this guy and a really evil one. And one that's going to have connections all the way back to Bin Laden. 

In reference to the way Secretary of State John Kerry has reacted in the aftermath of attacks in the past, Gen. Flynn said:

 Secretary Kerry, I just find it fascinating that the way that he sort of walks around the world, and certainly in this day and age. I remember after one of the attacks when he brought James Taylor to sing "You've Got A Friend". This is not about you know, love and hugging at this stage, this is about determination, willingness, and resolve and tough diplomacy.