Vincent Hill, a former Nashville police officer and host of the podcast Beyond the Badge, joined Kilmeade and Friends this morning with fill-in host Leslie Gold to talk about the current situation following last week's tragic killing of 5 Dallas police officers. The killing took place during a protest last Thursday which occurred after two black men were shot and killed by police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana a day apart. Hill, both an African American and a former police officer had an interesting perspective on the Black Lives Matter vs. Blue Lives Matter argument. Hill said:

Are there bad cops out there? Absolutely, I'd be foolish to say there wasn't, but 99.9 % of the officers that go to work everyday. White, Black, Hispanic, whatever their nationality is they're doing the right thing.

When Leslie posed the question "why are African Americans convinced the police are targeting them", Hill replied "when you look at numbers in 2015 alone more white males were killed by police than black males". Regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, Hill also said, "I see it no different than a hate group on the other side of the tracks. If this was the Klan walking around saying "white lives matter" everyone would be in an uproar".

Listen to the full interview below: