Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee joined Kilmeade and Friends today to discuss the possibility of speaking on behalf of Donald Trump at next month's Republican National Convention in Cleveland. When asked if he would be willing to speak for Trump at the RNC, Huckabee admitted that Trump "has mentioned to me about that", and that if asked, "I'd be glad to do it. I'd be honored to."

Huckabee also believes Trump has a good chance of gaining votes in minority communities despite recent polls showing the opposite. He compares the outcome of the Brexit referendum vs. what polls predicted to how voters in the U.S. react to presidential polls. He said:

"Part of the problem is, people in a lot of these communities when they're asked by a pollster, they're not about to say, yeah, I'm going to vote for Donald Trump. But they do. And that's what happened in the Republican primary. People always were shocked by the totals that he ended up with, and part of the reason is the media has so vilified him that if a pollster calls, you don't really know who it is, and so it's what happened at the Brexit. And people will say, 'Uh, let's see, I think what I'm probably supposed to say and what would be most polite and most sophisticated would be to say, oh, no, I'm going to vote to Remain. Oh, no, I'm going to vote for Hillary. But when they actually go vote, they're voting their passion, not their expectancy."

Listen to the full interview below: