by John Gibson

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Turns out it’s a very Trumpy world.

The British vote to leave the EU showed that politicians and media and financial elites have gone too far, too fast, with way way too little concern for the people they were heaving overboard.

It also showed that the Trump phenomena–nationalist, populist, defiant–is actually a wave sweeping the world.

President Obama only yesterday was telling us that we shouldn’t “fear immigration.” Bad timing, Barack. The Brits are the ones who tossed that cream pie in your face.

If you look at the map of the British vote, you see it was the country against London. It was London’s globalists who control the economy, who believe in open borders, whose rush for riches and rewards left the rest of the country feeling cut out and cut off.

But the problem there is the same one here: the globalist open border bunch can ram through their dizzying changes, but they tend to forget the people they are damaging still get to vote.

What is the damage that the forgotten and seething voters were suffering? Immigration, for one. Even though the Brits have full employment and immigration didn’t seem to be putting people out of work, the effects of immigration on the culture and the changes it brought to the country evidently brought voters outside of London (and Scotland and Northern Ireland, which also voted “stay”) to the end of their patience.

Regulation is another noxious issue in Britain, as it is here. The Brits had enough of laws passed in Strasbourg and enforced out of Brussels, that imposed regulations of every sort on people who felt they had no voice in their passage.

What effect did the threat of terror have? You have to assume it was some, even if not the major issue. The Brits have suffered terror attacks, and they certainly must have noticed the homegrown terror threat in Paris and Brussels and San Bernardino and Orlando.

Whatever. The point is that we now know the fed-up factor in elections is not just an American phenomena, rattling both Republican and Democrat overlords.

As of this morning, it’s a world wide movement.

A very Trumpy thing.