Irregular Warfare Strategist and author of Defeating Jihad Dr. Sebastian Gorka joined Kilmeade and Friends in the wake of the surprising Brexit outcome. Dr. Gorka addresses the question of how immigration played into the Brexit decision, saying:

The Brexit is not a negative issue for British national security, it is a wake-up call for the EU in the question of, how are they going to deal with the hundreds of thousands of refugees that basically have flooded in without being adequately vetted?

Hegseth and Dr. Gorka also discuss the new reports surrounding the Orlando attack about the possibility of Omar Mateen having a co-conspirator and how this tragedy could turn into a situation like the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Gorka says:

This latest audio recording from the hostages phones was with somebody who was cognizant of what Mateen was doing and therefore could be not only an accomplice but a controller or somebody who's part of a border conspiracy because this is exactly what happened in Mumbai.

Listen to the full interview below: