"I don't know if it was coming but I will tell you that if somebody has done that on my team, I would fire them. As a political operative on what was my 4th presidential election, as a political operative, when you make a mistake it reflects badly on your candidate at a time when he was looking for a clean pivot like he was, you have to fall on your sword, that's the professional thing to do."

---Michael Caputo on why he resigned after tweeting "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" after Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was fired.

Former Donald Trump advisor Michael Caputo joined Kilmeade & Friends to give a behind-the-scenes look into Donald Trump's presidential campaign, why he resigned after tweeting "ding dong the witch is dead" when Corey Lewandowski was removed as Trump's campaign manager and if Lewandowski was a disruptive force behind the scenes.

Plus, Caputo on who might be on Trump's shortlist for VP

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Caputo on who Trump might be considering for VP

(CAPUTO) I will preface this by saying I was never in those discussions, those were above my pay grade. The 2 people I think you should look at and these are unorthodox, first is Mia Love, the congresswomen, somebody who is African American leader with really bright ideas and an ability to communicate.

(Brian) is there a relationship there?

(CAPUTO) There is. People are looking at her. There is an incredible opportunity for the republican Party. Also, Tom Cotton, he is a heck of a guy. His backstory is something.

(Brian) Its amazing.

(CAPUTO) Amazing backstory and a really brilliant guy.

(Brian) Ivy Leaguer who went from congressman to senator and fought in the war.

(CAPUTO) As a veteran, here is what I love about Tom Cotton, he graduated from the Ivy League then enlisted in the Army. They said we will make you an officer now and he said nope, I want to enlist. That's the guy you want as your vice president.

(Brian) Do you know if there is a relationship there?

(CAPUTO) They are looking at him.

(Brian) Do you know if Donald Trump knows him?

(CAPUTO) I do not know that. I don't know if he know Mia Love but I do know their names are being talked about.