"The President needs to call this what it is, we are in a global war on terror. We just had a defense appropriations bill last week pass the house bipartisan and we funded the global war on terror yet the President doesn't want to call Jihad what it is, there are radical people who want to kill Americans, point blank. I believe in peace through strength but you have to have a plan and move forward with that plan and I think after 8 years, continues to deny that we are even in a global war on terror nor is he willing to admit who we are at war with. It's got to stop and that requires leadership."

Rep Guinta on President Obama's refusal to acknowledge the link between radical Islam and the war on terror

Congressman Frank Guinta (R-NH) joined Kilmeade & Friends to discuss the Obama administration deciding to release the unedited transcript of the Orlando shooters 911 call after initially redacting it, the President's refusal to link radical Islam to terrorism, Hillary Clinton's economic speech yesterday, why he supports Donald Trump for president and the news that Senator Marco Rubio has decided to seek re-election.

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