"If you grew up with him, you knew how special he was, how different he was. If you agreed or disagreed (with him) you were talking about him. When he passed away, he was the most famous person on the planet. Wherever you went, people knew who Muhammad Ali was... He would have been in my mind, if it wasn't for Parkinson's robbing his speech, I believe he would have been a spokesperson for moderate Muslims around the world."

---Brian Kilmeade on how special Muhammad Ali was

Today on Kilmeade & Friends, Brian took a moment to remember one of his sports idols, "The Greatest" Muhammad Ali, who died on Friday at age 74. Brian looked back on some of the greatest moments in Ali's boxing career, including the legendary trilogy against Smokin' Joe Frazier, what it was like to meet Ali in person and the immense social impact Ali had outside the ring. Plus, Brian talks about how much Boxing has changed since the days of Ali & Frazier.

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Brian on how boxing has changed since the Ali vs Frazier trilogy

"You can say these 3 fights were more exciting than fight over the last 15 years. What is so insane about Boxing then and prior to it, is people actually stood there and fought. They danced but they threw punches. The best guy today is Floyd Mayweather, no one ever hits him because he spends his lifetime running away. Now the goal is not to get hit, I give you that but the goal is also to engage and you have to put yourself at risk to throw punches...My son said to me yesterday, I am watching all these Ali fights, they are so exciting, they look like they are from a movie. And then I realized how Boxing has changed. Boxing was about manhood, was about hitting but moving or standing and slugging. It's no longer like that anymore."