Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), Chairman of the Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committees, called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss why he feels Donald Trump's business experience is what is needed for the White House, Hilary Clinton comparing her private e-mail server to Colin Powell's private e-mail account, how our standing in the world has been diminished by the policies of President Obama & Secretary Clinton and his re-election campaign against former Senator Russ Feingold.

Plus, Senator Johnson weighed in on the State Department admitting they edited out an exchange between Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen and then State Dept. spokeswoman Jen Psaki over the Iran nuclear negations in 2013.

Listen here:

Senator Johnson on Hillary Clinton's foreign policy credentials

(JOHNSON) Let's face it, her reset with Russia was a miserable failure. We are told an awful lot of events in Libya was going to be her crowning achievement, now it's a failed state. The foreign policy of this administration, this reset with Russia, what a farce. Our position in the world has been reduced because of Secretary Clinton and President Obama's foreign policy.

Senator Johnson on the State Department admitting the exchange between former State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki and Fox News' James Rosen was deliberately edited out of the official record.

(Kilmeade) We know who edited it, we just don't know who gave the order to edit it out. They don't remember. Is that acceptable?

(JOHNSON) No, its not. And let's face it Brian, I hope the American people are watching, it's not what the Obama Administration or Secretary Clinton says, it's what they do. The fact is, President Obama said he was going to have the most transparent administration in history, it's been the most opaque. Do you realize I had to subpoena the Office of Inspector General of the V.A. to publish and investigate the problem and publish our 359 page report on it? We didn't even get all the information. They are still resisting, they still have not turned over all the material we demanded in our subpoena. That's the lack of transparency, that's how opaque, it's like pulling teeth to get any information out of this administration.

(Kilmeade) Do you not take John Kirby at his word that they can't figure out who gave the order to edit out James Rosen's question?

(JOHNSON) Maybe he doesn't know, but somebody in the administration certainly knows and they are just covering it up. That's been pretty much the history, that's been the record of this administration. They cover things up, they hide it from the American people. Brian, one thing I found out since I entered the political realm as a conservative is the bias in the mainstream media is revealed far more in what they don't report as opposed to the overt bias in what they do. That's why Clinton can get away with the things she gets away with. That's why President Obama can get away with this opacity, this lack of accountability because the mainstream press just doesn't show the outrage that they should show, they don't report the abuse of this administration.