Ed Rollins on Trump Going After NM Gov. Susana Martinez: I Would Have Done It Differently

New Mexico is going to be a key state, it is a swing state. I think the Governor is one of our stars…as the republican nominee—and again I don’t run his campaign, he can do whatever he wants to do—I would try and be making friends, particularly among people who have a big play in a state like she has.

-Ed Rollins on Donald Trump going after NM Gov. Martinez

Ed Rollins, GOP analyst & strategist for the Great America PAC, sat down with Brian on Kilmeade and Friends to discuss the state of the presidential race!

Ed Rollins on how Trump’s persona is different than any other president in modern times…

I teach a course on the American Presidency and there certain characteristics that presidents have, speaking your mind isn’t one of them, usually it is inspiring people, intelligence, leadership, those kid of things. Overwhelmingly, in all the polls we have seen this year the first thing people say they like the most about him is that he speaks his mind. You know, you know who he is and at the end of the day you know where he is going to take you. I think the key thing here is that he needs to define himself a bit more about where he will take the country and I think that will come as the campaign moves forward.