"This ought to bring a self-reflection among journalists that they were misled by the White House but instead what you're seeing is journalists sticking up for the White House yet again."

---Steve Hayes saying journalists are still sticking up for the White House on the Iran deal even after Ben Rhodes admitted he used them.

Steve Hayes, Senior Writer at The Weekly Standard, called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss Obama Administration aide Ben Rhodes admitting the Iran deal built was built on lies to help sell it to the American public. Hayes compares the deceit from the White House on the Iran deal to the lies spun by the administration after Benghazi.

Listen here:

Steve Hayes on the White House spinning the admission from Ben Rhodes that the Iran deal was built on lies to the public

(HAYES) They have tried to turn this into a debate about the author of the piece saying this guy was opposed to the Iran deal, the White House should have known this. The problem that the White House has is that Ben Rhodes is quoted liberally in the piece. The author is not presumably making up the quotes from Rhodes and what he did (Rhodes) in effect was a victory dance on the Iran deal because they had successfully manipulated and misled, and I would argue, lied to the American people about the deal, about the nature of the relationship with Iran and suggested they sold this story to the echo chamber in Washington D.C. It's pretty amazing you would have a White House official not only having mislead the American people about the president's signature second term policy issue but then brag to a reporter about how reporters and the pubic were duped.