Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani called into Kilmeade and Friends today to weigh in on the results from his state's GOP primary election which unfolded last night. Giuliani, a Donald Trump supporter, says he has seen a positive change in Trump's organization and that Trump "is going to be the nominee of the party". One way Mayor Giuliani believes he can help that happen is by:

"Remaining somewhat distant from the campaign, but his friend, I can play a more objective role with some of my good Republican friends, who I'm very close to but who seem to want to play this 'Never Trump, Nothing But Trump', I think I'm persuading a few of them to come along"

Despite ardently declining to be a part of Trump's campaign in past interviews, Mayor Giuliani told Brian that we're likely to see him "on the stump" sometime soon, saying "you're going to see that happen too, that's all in good time. That's all going to happen."