"Sometimes the homecoming can be more difficult than the war itself. There are certain things you see that can't be unseen. You are going to lie with that for the rest of your life. The struggle is coming to terms with that and find a way to manage that and finding a way to live the rest of your life. Till the day I die, I will forever walk with ghosts."

---Michael Ware on living with PTSD

Michael Ware, former Iraq & Afghanistan war correspondent joined Kilmeade & Friends to talk about his experiences while embedded with US troops for ten years in the Middle East, losing friends in Iraq & Afghanistan and living with PTSD. Plus, Michael spoke about his upcoming HBO documentary, "Only the Dead See the End of War", which is told through hand-held video footage culled from hundreds of hours that Ware shot while reporting over the course of the war in Iraq. "Only the Dead See the End of War" premiers March 28th at 9pm on HBO.

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