"The President ought to get back to Washington and ought to be on the phones. Perhaps they could work them from Cuba but I wouldn't be going to any baseball game today, that's for darn sure. I think he should suspend that visit, fly back to Washington and arrange some conferences with the heads of state"

Gov. John Kasich on what he thinks President Obama should do today after the terror attacks in Brussels.

Governor John Kasich (R-OH), 2016 GOP presidential candidate, joined Brian Kilmeade on Kilmeade and Friends and called for President Obama to suspend his trip to Cuba and come back to our nation's capital. When Brian asked Kasich if he would be attending a baseball game given the terror attacks that just took place, he replied, "I wouldn't be going to any baseball game today, that's for darn sure!"

Kasich also spoke about today's GOP primaries, how he feels neither Trump or Cruz will have enough delegates to secure the GOP nomination and his thoughts on Mitt Romney doing robo-calls for Cruz in Utah after doing them for him a week earlier in Ohio.

Listen here:

Kasich responding to Ted Cruz calling him a spoiler and preventing him from getting the needed delegates for the nomination

(KASICH) Let me explain one thing, Ted Cruz isn't going to have enough delegates going into the convention and neither is Donald Trump. And secondly, if I hadn't won Ohio, Donald Trump would be guaranteed the nomination. So that's a guy trying to get me out of the race. His path is very, very murky. No big deal, that's what people say, that's what people do. We are headed to a convention, there is no doubt in my mind and that is an extension of the political process.

(KILMEADE) If you keep Ted Cruz from getting 50% because you are going to draw some votes in Utah, then it's not a winner take all and Donald Trump gets some portion and he gets closer to that number [1237 delegates] I think that's what he is talking about.

(KASICH) Let's see what happens in Utah. 1237 isn't going to be determined by the number of votes that we get in Utah and secondly, let me also tell you, Ted Cruz can't compete in New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland. He can't get any votes in those places.

Kasich on Romney making robo-calls for Ted Cruz in Utah telling voters a vote for Kasich is a vote for Trump after saying a week earlier that a vote for Cruz in Ohio is a vote for Trump.

(KILMEADE) I was surprised to see one tactic in this cycle. I shouldn't be surprised by anything but I watched Governor Romney say go for Governor Kasich in Ohio, I love this guy and then I hear this robo-call in Utah {audio of Romney robo-call telling Utah voters point a vote for John Kasich is a vote for Donald Trump.} Who side is he on? What jersey is he wearing?

(KASICH) Well, you just said it Brian, there is nothing more I need to say. I mean how does a guy one week say one thing and another thing {the next week}. That's politics and it doesn't disturb me, we just put one foot in front of the other and move on.