"We continue to hear these rumblings in the GOP circles, the GOP elite circles about how they have got to stop Donald Trump. I think you have got to allow this to play though. You have got to allow the will of the people to be heard, the voice of the people to be heard because if people start to believe there are some shenanigans and some back door deals that are going on, such as that Sea Island Georgia, not so secret meeting, there will be a revolt."

----Allen West on the dangers of a voter revolt if the GOP tries to stop Trump and circumvents the will of the people

Former Florida congressman, Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret) called into Kilmeade & Friends to discuss last night's GOP primary results, the dangers of a revolt if the GOP tries to stop Trump instead of letting the primary process play out and the mistakes he believes Senator Marco Rubio made running for president.

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Allen West on how Marco Rubio ran his campaign and his political future

(WEST) I Think he should have stayed with who he is and what Marco Rubio brought to the table, I think he got kind of sidetracked and tried to chase Donald Trump and that hurt him. Now we have to wonder, does Marco Rubio have a political future because he can't run for the senate seat because he declared he was not going to. There is no possibility of him being the governor in the state of Florida because you have two very capable people in line with Adam Putnam and Jeff Atwater. So we have to see what the future of Marco Rubio is.

(KILMEADE) It didn't go well but to lose every county (in Florida) is pretty extraordinary.

(WEST) It is very extraordinary and embarrassing too.