Why Congressman Ted Poe Sides With Apple On Unlocking The San Bernardino Terrorists Phone

ďThe folks that keep saying that Trump is not for real, thatís been proven to be incorrect. Trump is for real and folks have to understand that he appeals to a lot of people, a lot of people who vote republican, so now you have Trump, you have Cruz and you have the also-ranís.Ē

—Congressman Ted Poe on Trump

Rep Ted Poe (R-TX), former Judge, senior member of the Judiciary & Foreign affairs committee and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Terrorism, stopped by Kilmeade & Friends and weighed in on the GOP presidential race explaining why Ted Cruz has become an icon among conservatives, how Trump is for real and why itís a mistake for republicans to beat up on each other instead of focusing on taking on the left. Plus, Poe talked about Hillary Clintonís e-mail server and why he sides with Apple in their fight with the FBI to unlock the phone of the San Bernardino terrorists.

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Rep Poe on Apple vs the FBI

(REP. TED POE) The issue is can government force Apple to design software, which is a key, to get into a specific phone? The problem is the software. The encryption can be used to open other phones, other phones of American citizens, and to me that is the biggest issue. I donít think government has the authority to force somebody to give them the golden key to this phone and so itís a privacy issue down the road. The issue is always security and national security, and I think sometimes the fear that we are all going to die unless the FBI has this authority, that sells. Security always sells over privacy in history.