"Last night there was a fight and a debate broke out. It was spectacular stuff. What's amazing about it is, this is what we have been anticipating for so long and the only big question is, why this didn't happen before. Rubio was on fire and light up the place and he did it artfully. Cruz was on the attack too and Trump was Trump, he weathered it fairly well. There were some very tough attacks and it just makes you wonder, if all this had happened a long time ago, might it have changed the outcome because it's hard to imagine it's going to substantially change the equation at this point."

---Mark McKinnon on last night's GOP debate.

Mark McKinnon, republican strategist and Executive Producer on Showtime's 'The Circus: Inside The Greatest Political Show On Earth', called into Kilmeade & Friends to recap last night's GOP debate and give his take on Jeb Bush dropping out of the GOP presidential race and how bittersweet it was seeing President Bush 41 attending the debate despite Jeb not being in the race.

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