"Ted Cruz I think last night was outed as someone who was trying to play the libertarian foreign policy card and the conservative foreign policy card. Rand Paul hit him hard by saying you are no libertarian. I am surprised how much Ted Cruz tried to say no, I am and I have the mantle of Ron Paul. That scares foreign policy hawks because the Ron Paul, Rand Paul libertarian world view is not a particularly safe view for U.S. foreign policy hawks."

---Ric Grenell on Ted Cruz hurting his cause by trying to come off as both a libertarian and conservative on foreign policy at last night's debate

Ric Grenell, Fox News contributor and former spokesman to four U.S. Ambassadors to the U.N., called in to Kilmeade & Friends to give his take on last night's debate, telling Brian that he didn't miss Trump not being there, how he feels Christie came off as confident and Rubio showed his intelligence and why Ted Cruz hurt himself by trying to appeal to both the libertarian and conservative bases on foreign policy.

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