Donald Rumsfeld, former secretary of defense under George W Bush, stopped by Kilmeade & Friends to talk about the war on terror and the mistakes he believes the Obama administration has made which has led to a leadership vacuum in the Middle East. Rumsfeld was stunned to hear Sec. Ash Carter say he is sending the 101st Airborne Division into Iraq, something he said is fundamentally inconsistent and directly opposite to what Pres. Obama has been saying when it comes to boots on the ground in Iraq. Plus, Rumsfeld talked about his new Winston Churchill Solitaire APP.

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Rumsfeld reaction to Sec of Defense Ash Carter saying he is sending in the 101ST Airborne into Iraq

(KILMEADE) You're stunned

(RUMSFELD) I am stunned. I had no idea he said that and it sounds like it is fundamentally inconsistent and directly opposite to what POTUS has been saying. One would hope they would talk together.

(RUMSFELD) Isn't that stunning and I hadn't heard it or seen it in any newspaper and that was Ash Carter talking. That was his voice.

(RUMSFELD) Good for you for raising it. It is something that people ought to hear. I cannot bring that together with what consistently comes out of President Obama's mouth. I don't understand.

(RUMSFELD) You are talking about a large number of American fighting troops and that, as Carter says, is our troops and they are going to be on the ground. I agree with the person who said I don't want to talk about boots on the ground because boots have human beings in them and they are troops, wonderful men and women who serve our country.

(RUMSFELD) It is refreshing and encouraging to hear President Obama say, acknowledge the truth, that a lot of the things done by the president and congress, I should add, were needed and important and have been tested over time, it would have been the right thing to do.

Donald Rumsfeld Ranks Obama As One Of The Least Effective Presidents

(KILMEADE) Where do you rank President Obama?

(RUMSFELD) It is hard to do that, to really rank somebody. I think he'll be in competition for one of the least effective presidents we have had during my adult lifetime.

(KILMEADE) The ramifications of this ineffectiveness?

(RUMSFELD) The problem is that if you create a vacuum, which I would suggest he has done, the vacuum gets filled. And in this case it gets filled with people who don't have our values and our interest and 8 years of what we have seen is something that will take a good period of time to recover from.