"Obama can preach all day long how we are the strongest folks in the world but we tolerate so much garbage from someone like Iran, this incident with the (USS) Truman where they fired rockets within 1300 yards. We should have sank every one of those rocket boats to the bottom. That's an immediate threat and every ship has the ability to defend themselves."

--Leif Babin on why we need to back up tough talk with tough action against Iran

Leif Babin, retired Navy SEAL & Co-Author, "Extreme Ownership" stopped by Kilmeade & Friends to give his take on why we should not be apologizing to Iran after they detained 10 U.S. Navy sailors on Tuesday, saying it makes America look weak and why he is disgusted at our leaders, including John Kerry, for expressing his gratitude to the Iranians for their cooperation. Plus, Leif spoke about joining the SEALS at a 26 years old, the triumphs and tragedies of his experiences serving in Iraq and his involvement in the new History Channel series produced by Peter Berg " Live to Tell"

Watch here:

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