"I have faced these guys, I know how they think, they have told me. It's an enemy that I don't think enough people in our country see it for what it is. I think part of that is because our leadership has denied the fact of who this is we are facing. I think they have failed to tell the truth."

---General Flynn on why he feels the public doesn't understand the true nature of the threat we face from ISIS

Lieutenant General Michael Flynn (Army-Ret.)former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in the Obama administration, called into Kilmeade & Friends to talk about why he feels the lack of leadership from President Obama is part of the reason the public doesn't understand the threat we face from ISIS and why his lack of action will leave the next president with big problems when it comes to national security and the war on terror.

Flynn discussed the latest on two Iraqi refugees who were arrested yesterday on terror related charges, which Flynn blames on the flawed screening process used to vet refugees coming here from the Middle East. He also talked about why he thinks Donald Trump's comments that there should be a pause in bringing in Muslim refugees has resonated with the American people. Gen Flynn spoke about what we need to do to stop ISIS, the need for change when it comes to the rules of engagement and the reason little intelligence is coming out of the UBL documents.

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